Flight Volunteers

Flight Volunteers

What is a flight volunteer?

A flight volunteer is someone who takes a pet from China to their new forever home in another country!

What does a flight volunteer do?

As a flight volunteer, you simply show up to the airport about three hours before your flight. Volunteers will meet you and bring the pet along with any documents needed. They will then help you check in with the pet and make sure everything is handled! Once you reach your destination, someone will meet you at the airport to collect the pet and documents!

Who can be a flight volunteer?

Anyone with a passport who is leaving China is eligible to be a flight volunteer! We constantly have animals waiting to go to Canada, the USA, and Europe, so volunteers going to these locations are especially needed!

What do flight volunteers pay?

Flight volunteers do not pay anything past their own flight ticket that they would buy normally! The pet's journey will be paid for by those in charge of it!